Dec 15

Back to the blogging

I’ve been trying to get to posting on here. Finally figured out why I couldn’t via my phone ha.

Since its the end of the year, I guess I’ll talk about the year. 2015 has been a rollercoaster clusterfuck. Yup. Shit hit the fan with my relationship, which Im not posting much more about it cause it just depresses me. Yeah, thats a thing for me now too.

Stuff at work has been going good I guess, I don’t think I’m doing such a great job but others, including my bosses say I am. Then visiting other locations and see how “things” get delivered to our location, it just makes me shake my head.

Best part of this year… My kids. I love them. Caleb is so smart already knows his colors, is pretty much potty trained, with only a few accidents every once in a while. Marissa is growing up to being a beautiful young lady. And she’s already started streaming some Minecraft time on twitch.

A new passion of mine that started due to twitch and them broadcasting all the episodes of Bob Ross, yup, I started painting happy little trees. First started on my phone on SketchBook Pro, now at the beginning of December on actual Canvases. For me it is so Stress relieving. Blows my mind that I create the stuff and it actually looks good. The last few paintings have been some art pieces for my parents, and now I’ve been painting some Star Wars creations. People have already requested to buy them! Which blows my mind.

I’ve also have been working on getting back to my comics, this time hopefully with a team behind me to help me push out some ideas so I can realise my artwork.

Post more soon!!!


May 15

My Heroes of the Storm Stats O_O

HOTS Logs Player Profile

Mar 15

Cherish everyday

Today I was listening to a new podcast, well, not a new Podcast it was actually the 100th episode of the show, hosted by Keven Pereira (if you don’t know he is used to host on G4tv, google him) and guesting was H-Wil H-Wheaton, if you don’t know who this guy is… I’m sorry for you :(. 

I wasn’t even sure I liked the podcast yet, it was kinda Pointless… I believe without looking that is the name of the Podcast. I do need to go back and catch up on a few more if not the other 99 episodes, but currently I’ve been running on 20-30 hours of podcasts per week as it is. 

Ok, so why am I rambling about the pointless podcast? Well, towards the end, Wil pointed out an episode of TNG, ironically, where Picard got a second chance from Q to go back and never have to get an artificial heart due to a fight with some alien during Picard’s academy years. 

Longer story short, if you haven’t seen this TNG episode, Picard had a completely different life after altering his life where he didnt encounter that alien. In fact, he wasn’t even the Captain of the Enterprise due to it. He never took the risk of being who he actually was, and taking certain chances in life. It changed his life immensely. 

So, for everyone / anyone who wish that they could ever go back and change even just one bit of their life. Don’t wish that, cuz not matter how much you don’t like how your life is now, no matter how hard you wish something didn’t take place in your lifetime until now, your life would probably be completely different. Your life could be, well, nonexistent because you could be dead due to something else, if you have kids you might not those kids, you might have someone if your life that you don’t want… And I could go on and on about this, but At the end of the Day,  i phrase I actually hate hearing but I believe is the best place to insert this, there are a ton of different possibilities that can happen once you go back and accidentally step on that butterfly that you didnt know was on the ground where you were just walking along. 

Enjoy and make the best of YOUR life and how it is now. If you ever think or wish about changing your life think of what I wrote, and just imagine the endless possibilities of how your life would have been. If your life sucks, well, ask for help don’t just sit there in self pity. Life your life, even if you have to life it one day at a time. And be grateful for the things that you do have. 

I know I wouldn’t change my life in anyway because it might take the two wonderful children that I have and their wonderful mother which I don’t know if I could ever life my life without.

Like the great Lenord Nimoy always said: Live Long And Prosper. (LLAP)

Feb 15

Stream them games

mc-missa-blue-fsmcWeekend is over now its time to get back to reality. Spent most of the weekend playing either Minecraft (PC) with Marissa, Disney Infinity 2.0 (XB1) with Kat and Marissa, or just battling out on Heroes of the storm (PC).

The great part about all the gaming this weekend was I finally started streaming it all twitch.tv, or simply going to the gaming link on this site. I’m still new to it all, but getting the hang of it. Might look into setting up a gaming space somewhere in the house… Who knows.

Feb 15

Another week done…

Well we still have tomorrow but hopefully that’ll go well. Might head into work and do another inventory like I did today.

Other than another crazy work week. I’ve been playing a lot of Heroes of The Storm and a bit of Minecraft (PC). Hots is just awesome, though some just think they are playing League of Legends, where there you need to grind down on lanes or have a jungler, and this one plays more as a grouped and team based game. Had a few dailies to do that I needed to play a specialist. The only one available was Sgt. Hammer, which is one of the free heroes for the week. I didnt really enjoy playing her but I guess Its good to have an idea how all the heroes play eventually.

On Minecraft, I’m still playing on the Final Score sever, I’ve started working on my kingdom I’ve started a while ago. Luckily Ray got on as well to help. I hate how I never got a roof on that place, so thats what we’ve been working on. Hopefully done with it soon. Though, there is this other player on there that has put my kingdom to shame. Maybe expanded on mine once what I’ve got now is done.